Savor the Season Bag Silver


Silver bag is same as Bronze only more items.  This bag is good for couples or small families. Plenty of food to cook for 5+ days.  These bags give our customers the option of cooking meals over 1 week. They are great for making dishes that give you plenty of leftovers for lunch or tomorrow night’s dinner.

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Savor the Season, is our name for a bag/box of food.  Our bag contains the following:

Apples (3 varieties) 12 apples

Red beets 3

Kitchen carrots 3

Greens (Kale) 2 bunch

Collard greens 1 bunch

Salad (Vibriant blend) 1 each

Broccoli Crowns (3)

Sweet Potatoes (5)

Crimini Mushrooms

Portabella Mushrooms


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