Savor the Season Bronze


Savor the Season picture does not represent the actual items in the bag/box. These bags represent 12 different items (3 varieties of apples) in each.  Some items may not be available when your bag is being built.  A replace of like item will be substituted. For example, we only have 2 types of apples. Your bag will have 9 apples of those 2 types. another example, if we are out of spring mix you might get sunny crunch.

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Savor the Season, is our name for a bag/box of food.  Each bag contains the following:

Apples (3 varieties) 9

Cabbage Green 1

Greens (collards) 1 bunch

Kale 1 bunch

Salad (Spring Mix) 1

Broccoli Crowns (2)

Sweet Potatoes (3)

Baking potatoes (4)

Red Potatoes (6)

Yellow Onions (2)


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